Alex Dreyer

Mechanical Engineer, Amateur naturalist

Alex Dreyer is a mechanical engineer living in Pretoria, South Africa.

He studied engineering at the University of Stellenbosch from 1983, graduating with a Ph.D in mechanical engineering in 1994.

His family has owned a farm, Kyffhäuser, in the arid Maltahöhe district of Namibia since 1994. He visits Namibia with his three sons a number of times per year. His wife usually only joins them in the winter holidays. Alex has a keen interest in the fauna and flora of Namibia. Since 2005, he has catalogued plants (340 spp.) and animals found on Kyffhäuser

 As a prolific and knowledgeable iNaturalist observer, Alex has inspired Gobabeb staff and UNAM students to use this platform to document Namibia’s biodiversity.

More information on the plants and animals found on Kyffhäuser (and surrounding areas) may be found at his website

Alex's iNaturalist profile may be seen at