Roland Vogt

Senior Researcher in Atmospheric Science, University of Basel, Switzerland

Roland Vogt, semi-retired senior researcher at University of Basel, has been working in climatology, experimental micrometeorology and turbulence research, and contributed to numerous field experiments investigating the turbulent exchange of natural and urban surfaces.

Roland visited Gobabeb in 2008 as a tourist accompanying his daughter who was doing research in the Gobabeb library.

Fascinated by the facilities and the desert environment, he returned to Gobabeb in 2009 to carry out surface energy balance measurements (Gobabas), something he always wanted to do in such a hyper-arid area.

What followed were: the installation and operation of the Gobabeb BSRN station (since 2012); support of FogNet (since 2014); the Namib Fog Life Cycle Analysis project (NaFoLiCA 2017-2020); the NamTEX field campaign 2020; and 8 field courses with 80 students.

He still enjoys being on top of a mast in the Namib.