Theo Wassenaar

Associate Professor in Conservation Biology/Zoology, Namibia University of Science and Technology, Windhoek

Theo Wassenaar leads the Namib Ecological Restoration and Monitoring Unit (NERMU) at Gobabeb. NERMU works closely with the mining industry to address the expected impacts of increased mining activity on Namib biodiversity. NERMU continues to monitor biodiversity health and to advise mining companies on impact management and ecological restoration.

In 2018, Theo joined the Namibia University of Science and Technology as Associate Professor in Conservation Biology/Zoology. He maintains his ties with Gobabeb as Principal Investigator of the NERMU Project.

His research focus is on land degradation and restoration ecology, and he has a special interest in the ecophysiology of arid zone organisms and how this relates to risks brought on by global change. Theo supervises PhD and Masters studies that are funded through NERMU.

His ResearchGate profile is here.