Anamarija Žagar

Senior Research Associate, National Institute of Biology, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Anamarija Žagar is Deputy Head of the Section of Ecophysiology and Ecosystem Research in the Department of Organisms and Ecosystem Research at National Institute of Biology (Slovenia). She also is Assistant Professor of Ecology at the University of Ljubljana, and a Research Associate at CIBIO/InBio, Vairão in Portugal.

Her research focuses on the ecophysiology of ectothermic organisms, specializing in the hydric biology and metabolism. She is investigating how organisms respond to climate change using climate chambers, mesocosm experimental setups and model organisms along environmental gradients that serve as natural experimental laboratories.

She has worked in various ecosystems, from Svaalbard in the Arctic to the subtropics of Tenerife, using several model organisms, such as lizards, nematodes, butterflies, amphibians and beetles. In 2024, she started a project looking at the hydric and metabolic physiology of ectotherms along a hydric gradient in the Namib Desert, working at Gobabeb as a research associate.

She is a long-time member of the Herpetological Society of Slovenia (vice-president/president between 2010 and 2016) and the Societas Europea Herpetologica, where she is the Managing Editor of Herpetology Notes journal.  

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