Stuart Piketh

Professor of Geo and Spatial Science, North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa

Stuart Piketh's research interests are in atmospheric sciences, focusing on the understanding of air pollution, emissions to the atmosphere, atmospheric transport, and impacts. 

His research focus since 2012 has been on understanding air pollution in low-income settlements in South Africa, as well as atmospheric aerosols along the west coast of Namibia. 

He first came to Gobabeb in 2012, to study the chemical characteristics of offshore aerosols deposited in the Benguela current system.  He has also studied long-term patterns of aerosols along the African west coast, particularly the impact of fog events on Namib vegetation. 

His long-term goal is to understand surface and lower tropospheric aerosols over Gobabeb and the west coast of southern Africa. 

His ResearchGate profile is here.

His CV may be downloaded here.