Jonathan Kamwi

Senior Lecturer, Namibia University of Science and Technology

Dr Kamwi is a forest scientist and specializes in socio-ecological systems in forests.

His main focus is forestry related research in the remote regions of Southern Africa and other forest ecosystems in Namibia and beyond.

He uses methods such as Geographical Information Systems, remote rensing, plant studies and forest inventory, to clarify the link between people and governance of natural resource governance, use of and interventions that will successfully promote sustainable forest management. This includes a focus on the drivers of change in land cover and the modelling of carbon dynamics, plant distribution, among others.

With Gobabeb, he is studying the distribution of desert plants and linking that to the underlying and proximate drivers of such distribution. His approach includes the livelihoods of the communities who are reliant on the plants of the hyperarid Namib Desert.

He also supervises Bachelors, Honours, Masters and PhD students in his area of interest.