Prithvi Simha

Researcher in Environmental Engineering, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Prithvi’s research focuses on developing technologies that safely recycle resources from different types of wastewaters to contribute to a circular economy in the sanitation space. His specialty is urine chemistry and the recycling of human urine as crop fertilizer.

Prithvi is collaborating with the Namibia University of Science and Technology and the Gobabeb Namib Research Institute on a project aimed at prototyping and evaluating a solar-thermal and wind-driven urine evaporator.

He holds a PhD in Technology and an MSc in Environmental Sciences, Policy, & Management, with a background in chemical process engineering. He is a contributing author to the UNEP flagship report "Wastewater – Turning Problem to Solution," and a member of the International Water Association's management committee for Resource-Oriented Sanitation.

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