Joh Henschel

Retired, Associate of SAEON-Arid Lands Node and of the University of the Free State, South Africa

Following his internship at Gobabeb in 1977-1978, Joh Henschel morphed into a desert ecologist , following spotted hyaenas far afield across the Namib for weeks on end. During a postdoc at Gobabeb in 1986-1990, Joh turned to the ecology and ecophysiology of spiders, and from there, he broadened his scope to Namib ecosystems research, and became research manager at Gobabeb. From 2002-2011, Joh served as Gobabeb’s 4th Executive Director, during which time the institution became largely financially independent.

Joh continues research on the Namib Desert through Gobabeb. His current projects concern Welwitschia, fog, fairy circles, dune ecology, and long-term population dynamics of tenebrionid beetles.

His ResearchGate profile is here.

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