Angela Curtis

Director for The Living Desert Snake Park and Free-lance Bat Biologist, Swakopmund, Namibia

Angela Curtis is a local biologist with a special interest in bats, other small mammals, and reptiles.

Angela joined the Gobabeb team in 2015, researching artificial lighting and its effects on the behaviour of bats in the Kuiseb River. She also assisted with numerous other research projects at Gobabeb and supervised 3 GTRIP students and coordinated GTRIP 2018.

She is currently working with reptiles at The Living Desert Snake Park in Swakopmund. She is very interested in behavioural adaptation to altered conditions and holds B.Sc. (Hon) degree in Psychology.

She is currently exploring the possibility of training a detection dog to detect Namaqua chameleons to establish overall health populations in proximity to human settlement.

Angela's CV may be downloaded here.